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Where in the World Are James Bond’s Cars?

By: Vicky Choy on Jan 02, 2015 in Autos, Cars

Where in the World Are James Bond’s Cars?


The revelation of the title of James Bond’s next movie, Spectre, was almost as eagerly awaited by Bond fans as the unveiling of the next car Mr. Bond will be driving. And, it looks like the Aston Martin DB10 will do the honors in the next Bond adventure – due to come out in theatres in November 2015. Aston Martin designers and engineers developed the car along with Spectre director, Sam Mendes and the automaker manufactured 10 cars for filming. However, we know how Bond drives, so they would be lucky if one of those DB10 survives, which leads us to the question: Where are Bond’s other cars garaged? Never mind what happens to the Bond girls, what inquiring minds really want to know is what happened to the hot, sexy Bond cars?

James Bond's Aston Martin Motor Trend Garage

Perhaps the most famous of James’ cars is the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 that made its debut in Goldfinger and appeared again in the next Bond film, Thunderball (1965). The DB5 ultimately was used in four more movies, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, Casino Royal and Skyfall.  But it was in Goldfinger where the DB5 got the most screen time to show off its various assets including a pop out gun barrel, bullet-proof windows, revolving license plates and an ejector seat. Two cars were used for filming in Goldfinger; one named the “Effects Car” that was rigged up for filming and outfitted with all the Bond gadgets, and one called the “Road Car” that was strictly used for driving scenes without special effects.

Amazingly the “Effects” DB5 was returned to its original factory specs after filming ended and given back to Aston Martin who sold the car. When the car’s pedigree was discovered, the Bond gadgets were reinstalled and the DB5 did promotional appearances for years until it was stolen in 1997 from a Florida airport hangar where it was stored. The car has never been recovered and the insurance payout for it is rumored to be 4 million. As for the “Road Car,” at some point after filming, it was outfitted with all of the gadgets that the Effects car had and returned to Aston Martin. The automaker sold the Road Car in 1969 to broadcaster Jerry Lee for $12,000 who kept it until 2010 when he sold it for 4.1 million dollars to car collector, Harry Yeaggy. The car is now garaged in Yeaggy’s private car museum in Ohio.

The experiences of the DB5 demonstrates that since more than one car is made for filming, several collectors can own various versions of Bond cars at one time. If you have $30 million dollars or so, you too can buy James’ sport cars along with many other vehicles that have appeared in various Bond films. In February 2014, multimillionaire real estate investor, Michael Dezer announced he is selling his James Bond car collection but only in a single lot.  Therefore, if you want the Lotus Esprit Turbo from “For Your Eyes Only,” you also have to buy the tank from “Goldeneye.”

James Bond's Aston Martin Motor Trend Garage

Dezer bought much of his collection from a James Bond museum in 2011 and kept adding to it. He now owns 59 Bond vehicles that he houses in a Miami museum. Although Dezer has one of the biggest and best Bond car collections in the world, the reason he is selling them is that the value of these cars in Miami is not as high as they would be if they were in Britain where there is a larger Bond following. Notable Bond cars in the Dezer collection other the Aston Martin V8 from For Your Eyes Only, the BMW Z8 from The World is Not Enough, and the Jaguar XKR from Die Another Day. Unfortunately for car enthusiasts, apparently only James himself will get to drive the latest Bond car since the DB10 will never be commercially available. So like everything else in the Bond world, his car will be just another fantasy that us mere mortals can only experience through movie magic.

You don’t need to be an international spy to have a custom garage built specifically for your Bond car. See the myriad of options available for your Aston Martin, Lotus, Jaguar or Toyota at Motor Trend Garage. (James drove a Toyota 2000GT in You Only Live Twice.)

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