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Match Your Slatwall to Your Cabinet System

Matching slatwall is the perfect product for getting the most out of your garage walls. While, it’s most often utilized in commercial spaces to display all types of items because of its slat wall design it has numerous practical applications to help you organize your garage walls.

Wonder Wall is a great way to organize all of your frequently used items or items that don’t store well in cabinets. Its sturdy design allows you to store objects of nearly every size. The various sized hooks safely hang Sports equipment, large and small tools, garden hoses and ladders. Shelves can be placed above your laundry area to hold your detergent and hangers. Baskets and bins can be attached to the slat wall over workbenches to hold small nail, tools, crafting items and more.

Because we make our own Wonder Wall, we can produce it in any color to perfectly match or contrast with your cabinets. Create a unified design all your own that looks great and is completely functional.

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