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Three Tips Guaranteed to Maximize Your Garage

By: Rachel Ellison on Jan 16, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring, Our Experts

Three Tips Guaranteed to Maximize Your Garage


A garage – the oft-neglected home appendage is frequently dark, dusty, and dingy. Perhaps it houses your car and little more, or maybe there are piles of bulk paper towels, or towering, mountainous, over stacked soda pop. Maybe it is your sanctuary, the only place to get away from the kids’ rambunctious antics for five minutes, or your favorite spot to pore over your fixer-upper car. Whatever it may be, we are positive that your garage can offer you more than it does right now, and we’re going to show you how.


Car Lifts1 – The Mechanic

For you, the garage is just that, a garage. You’ve got piles of tools that need organizing and you treasure your cars like your kids. We can turn your garage into a one-man auto shop. We carry workbenches and computer stands to help you with all your YouTube projects. There are plenty of tool chest options, reels to extend a light onto hard to see areas, and even car lifts for a multi-level experience. Finish it off with a car stop and you’ve got yourself the car-lovers dream.


Custom Garage2 – The Soccer Dad

With little ones running wild, your garage has turned into the family epicenter. Loose footballs and Costco runoff litter your garage and your car has found it’s permanent home amongst the leaves on the pavement outside. But, together we can solve your storage problems once and for all. A slat wall is an ideal storage solution, with the ability to hang baskets to stow toys and sports equipment. Laundry options, such as baskets, rods, and a pullout ironing board, come in handy to keep the mountains of dirty clothes manageable, and little things, like a garage dam to keep water from flooding the garage, make life easier. You can even throw in a wine cooler for your Saturday night un-wind when the kids are at their Aunt’s house. Though, with this new organization scheme, that un-wind may not be necessary.


Custom Man Cave3 – The Movie Buff

This one is for the guys whose Friday night movie is non-negotiable and can binge-watch Netflix like it’s a job. Turning a garage into a home theatre is no easy feat, but we’re up for the challenge. We can begin by sheetrocking (drywalling) and soundproofing the perimeter. From there we can install custom garage cabinetry for your storage needs, and even create a full bar. We have wine organization accessories and countless options for cabinetry and garage flooring. You can fully customize the rest, adding a flat screen TV, pool table, or popcorn machine. Check out even more man-cave ideas here.

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