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Three More Great Themes for Your Man Cave

By: Vicky Choy on Jan 21, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring, Man Cave, Our Experts

Three More Great Themes for Your Man Cave


In Three Great Themes for Your Man Cave, we discussed some ideas for how you can jack up your man cave from ordinary to extraordinary. You have to include the three non-negotiable, standard man-cave items, which are: a big flat-screen TV, a couch (a sectional is optimal) and a bar area with a refrigerator. Remember, this is a place for all of your stuff, but you want all your stuff to be properly admired, so you need to have custom cabinets and shelves built to house all that is yours.

Now that you have the basics, here are 3 more hobby-based themes that you can infuse into your man cave to make it the ultimate hangout.



For serious gamers, playing your state-of-the-art gaming system in the living room is for amateurs. After all, you can’t crank up your sound system to full volume when other people are always around. Real gamers need their own man cave where they can keep every gaming option available because they don’t just own an Xbox, Wii or PlayStation; they own them all! Finish the cave with a few specialized gaming recliners and custom garage cabinets to display all your games, the consoles and a place to store the game controllers.

It may be necessary to get another flat screen TV or large computer screen because you may want to watch a live sports game while you’re playing one. Install dimmers, which allow you to lower the lights while you play. You may even want to go old school, and have a few arcade games around such as Pac-Man and pinball. And, if you really want to impress your friends, get a working Atari system so everyone can marvel at how life has evolved.



Man CaveIf you’re a biker, then it’s only natural that your garage is your man cave. Since this is where you tinker and display your various motorcycles, create separate areas for tinkering, displaying and relaxing. Use custom garage components to create a workspace to house your tools and an entertainment area where you can hang out with your fellow bikers and admire your bikes. Construct a bar area with stools and beers on tap to create your own biker bar. To really trick out your cave, spruce up the walls with some sweet flame detailing or get custom garage flooring detailed with your favorite chopper logo.



Let’s face it, you may come up against some resistance if you try to display your gun and dead animal collection in the house. So, it’s off to the man cave and if you want to pull this theme off and really increase your man cave’s legit factor, you should be a bona fide hunter. It’s even better if those mounted heads in your man cave are from animals you actually hunted. You can create a high-end hunting lodge with built-in cabinets, lockable glass doors (for those guns), an electric fireplace and overstuffed chairs. Accessorize with camouflage covered pillows and bearskin rugs. Your bar should be stocked with beer and top-shelf whiskey.  


Check out Motor Trend Garage to see how you can get the custom flooring and cabinets to fit any theme you choose for your man cave.

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