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Believe It Or Not: These Used To Be Garages

By: Don Lee on Jun 06, 2016 in Custom Garage

Believe It Or Not: These Used To Be Garages

Whether it’s a car, boxes, or that unused treadmill, many of us are guilty of using our garages only for storage purposes. However, some homeowners are starting to think outside the box and have remodeled their garages into spaces worth enjoying, complete with kitchens, desks, and personal gyms.

Take a look at some of these transformations and be inspired to do the same yourself.  

Living Room


Photo: Angela Statzer

This relaxing get-together spot was converted from a white garage with glossy concrete flooring. The hard floor was replaced with a soft pattern rug and several carpets in different shades of solid colors. Framed photographs were hung on the wall to add more of a warm feeling to the room, while several pieces of contrasting furniture give the entire garage a special sense of quirkiness.

Game Room & Bar


Photo: My Domaine

A simple two-car garage was redesigned into a game room and bar combo, equipped with a full-sized billiards table and drink bar. The bar was painted in a bright turquoise to accentuate the lively tone of the garage, while the walls were kept off-white to maintain a simplistic look. 



Photo: Philly Mag

This particular transformation is definitely one of the more extreme ones we’ve seen. Despite having to knock out a few walls and install overhead lights, this all-natural paradise is perfect for that outdoor gathering with family and friends, or when you need some creative inspiration ala Henry David Thoreau.  

Gym & Fitness Room


Photo: DIY Network

This family already had a fairly nice garage, but they decided to go beyond “nice” and create a full-sized gym/fitness room. This workout retreat is equipped with a rock climbing wall, as well as padded floor mats for safety. The clutter of the garage was removed and replaced with hooks for medicine balls. Ideal for the person who wants to stay in shape all year round. 

Art Studio 


Photo: Interior Design Ideas

Like the greenhouse, this garage requires you to knock out some walls and replace them with glass in order to maximize lighting. The result, however, is a gorgeous art studio that has ample space to display finished pieces and get those creative juices going again.

Workspace / Guest House


Photo: Molly Frey Design

Instead of the usual single guest bedroom, knock the socks out of anyone spending the night by offering them their very own guest house. This garage was transformed into a mini-guest house, fully-equipped with a bedroom, living room, and office space. In addition, the walls were elevated and a new roof was put in to create the feeling of a second home.

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