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The World’s Biggest Car Collections

By: Carlos Lopez on Nov 17, 2014 in Autos, Custom Garage, Our Experts

The World’s Biggest Car Collections

Many car enthusiasts dream of one day having at least one of our dream cars parked inside our custom garage. I’ve always imagined myself driving in into my garage in my gloss black Lamborghini, lined with a red interior, and parking it next to my black Mustang Shelby GT. But, like many car enthusiasts, I’m still not sure when that will happen.

However, my desire to have a pair of dream cars in my garage is nothing compared to the multi-car collections a few lucky people have around the world; along with the unique and custom garages they have built to house them. My garage would be modest compared to theirs. In the U.S everyone knows that Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld have quite an extraordinary collection of cars in their possession but there are a few other people who have larger collections than those of Leno and Seinfeld.

In fact, Jay Leno comes in ranked third regarding the biggest car collectors in the world. Stored in a hanger famously know as “Jay’s Garage,” Leno has an approximately 200 vehicles stored inside his hanger. From steam engines, to classic cars, concepts, and motorcycles, Jay Leno has build up quite a collection and has housed them in a very unique and custom manner.  However, he is still only third on the list of biggest collectors who house their cars in incredible garages.   

Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdam Al Nahyan comes in 2nd as one of the biggest collectors in the world with 400-500 cars to his name. Al Nahyan is a member of Abu Dhabi’s billionaire ruling elite. Which, to you and me, helps us understand how he has collected so many cars, as well as how he has been able to build record breaking automobiles. He’s come to be known as the rainbow Sheikh due to his collection of Mercedes S-class models, which are all painted using the colors of the rainbow – one for each day of the week.McLaren P1 Motor Trend Garage

He also has a few over-scaled replicas of his favorite vehicles including a 4:1 scaled Willys Jeep, the largest caravan in the world, and a record breaking 50-ton Dodge Power Wagon. But, that is not the most amazing thing about his collection; it’s the way he houses them. The Sheikh had a pyramid designed and built to house his unique and huge collection of over-scaled cars, which leaves you in awe as soon as you drive up to the lot.

Which brings me to the number one collector in the world, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.  Having a net worth of $20 billion, you can only imagine the collection this man has. The Sultan is estimated to have at least 7000 cars in his collection worth $5 billion dollars. You read that right, $5 Billion! His collection includes 600 Mercedes-Benz cars (some are the rarest in the world), 600 Rolls Royces, 452 Ferraris, 382 Bentleys, 134 Koenigsegges, 135 Jaguars, 11 McLaren F1’s, and quite a few Lamborghinis, a few rare Aston Martins, and so on.

So, how do you house each one of these cars in a collection that’s still growing? That’s easy, just build a bunch of different hangers and separate them by brand – one hanger for Mercedes, another one for your Ferraris etc.  That’s how the Sultan garages his cars, which is arguably the best way to organize and display 7000 different cars in your super-garage.

The only way the sultan could’ve impressed us more is if he had hired Motor Trend Garage to customize his hangers, which would only serve to leave people further in awe of his collection.

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