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The Top-6 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

By: Kathryn LaBarbera on Feb 11, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Shelving, Organization, Tips

The Top-6 Tips for Organizing Your Garage


I help a lot of people get organized in their home, and I’ve found that the space that can be transformed the most is the garage. That’s why I love helping our Motor Trend Garage clients. Typically, they are frustrated living in organized chaos, and they need help. While I can design cabinets and make their garage beautiful, they still need to decide what stays, what is donated and what needs to be thrown out. So, I compiled the top-6 organizing tips that I always tell my clients, and created a list for you.


1 – Usefulness

Many clients have things in their garage that have been there a long time. If anything has an expiration date that is long past such as paint, take it to a place that recycles responsibly. Get rid of that project that you were going to get to five years ago or those old clothes that you haven’t worn in a decade. If one of your kids has a bike that is too small for them, give it to another family or donate it. Make sure to only keep those things that are useful.


2 – Store Like Things Together

Organize everything you want to store in garage cabinets. See what you have for any category and store them on the same shelf or same cabinet. For example, if you have a utility cabinet for the vacuum and brooms, store all floor cleaning products in the same cabinet.


Custom Garage Shelving3 – Accessibility

Place things that you need to get to often at eye level or in a place that is easy to access. Anything that you have to get to daily should be stored close to the entrance from the house. Anything that is only used once a year such as holiday decorations can be stored high on steel shelving, out of the way.


4 – Plastic Bins

Bins to store items on garage shelving are an easy way to stay organized. They can be pulled out when you need an item and it is obvious where it needs to go when you are storing anything away.


5 – Labels

Label each bin with a sign indicating what is stored inside. Ideally the sign will be printed on a label or paper that is covered with tape, so it stays in place and cannot be easily torn. Use a label maker to mark what is stored on shelves. This is an easy way for everyone in the family to identify where everything is and where it needs to go when they are done using it.


6 – Put Everything Away After Use

This one may seem obvious, but old habits can be hard to break. Once your garage is neat, it is obvious when something is out of place. A cabinet of bins will look like a smile with a missing tooth until the Halloween decorations are put away. A 3/8” wrench will want to fill the empty space on your magnetic holder. Discipline will be instrumental for everyone in the family.


Following these organizing tips will help keep frustration to a minimum. You can keep the garage looking good throughout the entire year. And, who knows? Your garage just may become the envy of the neighborhood.

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