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The Top- 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage

By: Vicky Choy on Jan 12, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring, Organization, Our Experts

The Top- 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage


Do you see your garage as a cluttered storage unit filled with mysterious boxes and oil-stained floors that doesn’t even fit your car? It’s time to bring your garage into the 21st century. The modern garage is functional, aesthetically pleasing and it’s even able to fit your car along with all your storage needs. Your garage floor can even be as clean and decorative as any floor in your house. Using modern technology and design elements, a custom garage company can help turn your tired old storage unit into an upgraded space that you’d be proud to show off to your neighbors.

Here are four ways you can elevate your garage to new heights:


1 – Custom Cabinets: Custom garage cabinet systems are attractive, durable and versatile, so you can configure them in numerous ways to fit your storage needs. They also come in a variety of finishes like wood, brushed metal and melamine to fit your personality and garage décor. You can even mount your cabinets off the floor so you can show off your new garage flooring and easily clean underneath. Whether you’re storing your big box store groceries or tools in custom made tool chests, custom cabinets can not only hold all your things, but they also make your garage an attractive and organized space.

Garage Flooring Motor Trend Garage

2 – Flooring: You don’t have to live with oil stains and cracked concrete. Redo your garage flooring with a variety of durable, attractive materials like metal, laminate, wood or PVC tiles. Or, use high gloss Polyaspartic coating to create the look of a high-end garage. Polyaspartic coating is the material of choice for garage designers. It is a synthetic topcoat that is applied to cement floors to create a shiny, ceramic-like finish. The result is a strong, stain-resistant floor that is durable, easy to clean and adds value to your garage.

3 – Car Lifts: This cool feature literally elevates your garage, well, it will elevate your car, at least.  Automated car lifts have been used for years by auto mechanics and now, these luxury items are available for residential garages. They are perfect for car owners who have several vehicles and want to maximize their space. You simply drive your car onto the lift, push a button and the car is elevated. You can either park another car under it or use the space underneath for other important things like a man cave. It’s one of the easiest ways to make a two-car garage into a three-car garage. For home mechanics, this is a great way to work on cars like the pros do. A car lift can generally hold up to 7,000 pounds and they even come in different colors so you can color-coordinate with your new flooring.

Wall Organizers Motor Trend Garage

4 – Garage Wall Organizers: The easiest way to clear up your garage floor space is to store what is on them on racks mounted to the wall or overhead on the ceiling. Not only do you reclaim valuable floor space (presumably to store your car), garage wall organizers are key to keeping miscellaneous things orderly. You can use commercial grid walls but the big boys prefer a slatwall system, which is made up of a series of heavy-duty horizontal slats that form a wall.

Slatwalls can come in any size and attach to your garage wall. Using hooks, you can hang just about anything on the slats and they are perfect for oddly sized tools or equipment. You can also hang baskets and bins on the slatwalls for extra storage. Speaking of extra storage, overhead steel shelving that is mounted on the ceiling is ideal for things that are seldom needed or oversized items. They are also perfect for holiday decorations and out of season sports equipment.


Think of all the storage locker fees you’ll save when utilizing every inch of your garage space. Then, think of how great it will feel to actually pull your car into the garage, where it was always meant to be. Check out some other great garage organization solutions at Motor Trend Garage.

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