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The Top-3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Custom Garage

By: Carlos Lopez on Feb 23, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Organization, Our Experts, Tips

The Top-3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Custom Garage


As with any big item purchase, along with how much it may cost, thinking about the practicality of an item is a very important topic to cover before you make the purchase. For example, I recently moved into a new home that is a lot further, from our office here at Motor Trend Garage, than where I used to live before. With a longer daily commute, I started contemplating purchasing a new car – a car that is both economical and fun to drive. But, how practical is it for me to buy a new car? Yes, it will help me with my gas consumption and the ride quality would be a lot better but is it worth having a new car payment with a higher insurance premium? 

These are the same considerations you should think about when customizing and remodeling a garage. The good thing is that with an MTG designer, you would have an easier time figuring this out.

Here are top-3 things you and your designer should think about:


1 – Do you really need to organize your garage?

During your meeting with one of our expert designers, go through all the stuff you have stored in your garage. Together, come to a conclusion of how much stuff you need to keep and how you can organize it. You might not have to redesign your entire garage. You might just need to customize one section of your garage, which will offer your all of the garage storage you need while saving you a ton of space.


garage cabinets2 – How economical is it for you?

Tie this in with the first consideration. The less customizing you need in your garage the less you need to spend on customize your garage. You don’t have to go extravagant to get your garage organized. Stick to your budget and – with your designer – select the best way to organize your garage (say, with a set of classy garage cabinets?) and still save a good amount of money. Buy what you need and ax what you don’t really need. Of course, if you have the ability to build your dream garage, go ahead and splurge!


3 – Why are you thinking of getting it done?

Think about this carefully. Ask your self how much of a hassle your life has been with your garage being messy and unorganized as of now. One of the most common questions a designer will ask their client is: “What made you decide to organize your garage?” Your answer might be that you have just don’t have enough space, you want to finally be able to park your new car inside, or you may need the space to work on projects for the house and work.


Like buying a new car, building your dream custom garage can be exciting and very rewarding. But, don’t forget to think about what is the best and most practical way to go about it.

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    I love that it’s flexible, too. I agree, in geearnl, not so sexy. But, with your favorite spray paint trick, you could make the track blend in more, too. Thin shelves are a definite, agreed there.Floating shelves are lovely, but I love changing things up without spackle, the tracks allow for this.

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