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The Price of an Unorganized Garage

By: Carlos Lopez on Jan 30, 2015 in Custom Garage, Our Experts

The Price of an Unorganized Garage


After a long day of work and/or shopping the last thing you want to worry about is your safety and the safety your property once you reach home. Long before I started writing for Motor Trend Garage, I was a sales manager at a large automotive retail store. Through the years, I started to notice a new trend in the automotive world, and it’s not a trend you and I would like to be apart of or be the victim of. 

I started noticing how a few customers would come in twice a week or more, and ask for a new battery. Now this is a normal thing for any automotive retail store, however, none of these customers had a core. As many of you out there may already know, in order to buy a new battery you also have to have and bring in your old core or face a $15 core charge (which is an environmental law). A new battery can cut your pocket short at an average of $100 to $200 per battery including the exchanging of the core. And today, there is an extreme rise in battery thefts all over the nation, sticking car owners with a bill they definitely were not expecting.

Blurry Windshield

It isn’t just batteries that are being stolen, either; catalytic converters and wiper blades are often stolen as well. Thieves switch out new wiper blades for older worn down wiper blades during rainy seasons.

Many of the customers we helped had simply just parked their cars and trucks (some trucks are equipped with two batteries), just outside their house or driveway.  They didn’t do anything wrong or call attention to themselves to invite any thieves.  The only thing our customers were guilty of was that they did not have enough room in their garage to park their cars.  

It’s hard to imagine that things like these can happen to you, but if you have the ability to prevent it, you should take advantage of it. Get organized and fix up your custom garage and let Motor Trend Garage rid you of all your worries, and protect your investments.

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