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Surviving a White Winter

By: Rachel Ellison on Dec 24, 2014 in Our Experts, Safety, Winter

Surviving a White Winter


Unlike some less fortunate car owners, our December high is 90 degrees and the only thing we worry about having in our trunk is an umbrella. Though, we know not everyone is as lacking in seasons as we Los Angelinos. Freezing temperatures and snowstorms have already begun to pop up around the country, and with extreme weather come tricky driving conditions. Your custom garage is finished, just in time for winter, and it is ready to protect your cars from any mishaps that may come their way. But, who is protecting you? Below we’ve compiled a list of must-have tools for winter driving, because while your custom garage feels like a lifesaver, it can’t save you from bad weather.


1 – Jumper Cables

Always a useful tool, snowy or not, jumper cables come in handy when your battery gives out and you want to avoid that pesky AAA call.

2 – Windshield De-icer

When nothing else will cut through the stubborn ice, having de-icer on hand will be an immeasurable convenience. Its formula not only melts ice, but also keeps it at bay – a necessity for anyone who lives in a particularly arctic climate.

3 – Shovel

A necessary companion in any winter wonderland, sometimes a white Christmas can mean horrible driving conditions. But, you don’t have to let snow stop you from seeing your family. Have a shovel handy, and be ready to dig your car out of any particularly deep snow pockets. 

De-Icer Motor Trend Garage4 – Ice Scraper

No matter how long you sit with the engine running and heat blasting, sometimes ice is incredibly stubborn. Make sure you have an ice scraper to clear off a frozen windshield and increase visibility before you set out on your holiday road trip.

5 – Flares

Now we are getting into worst-case scenarios, but better safe than sorry. If you do, perchance, get stalled during a blizzard or at night, flares are an essential part of any survival kit. With low visibility, flares will allow someone to spot you from a great distance.

6 – Blankets

Again, not an ideal scenario, but you never know when your car may break down or get stuck. When the heat isn’t working, your body temperatures will drop rapidly, so make sure that you have a few blanket handy just in case.


And when you’ve shed the last of your holiday pounds and the snow has finally melted to reveal spring flowers, you can stow your snow gear in your custom garage for safe keeping until next winter. Happy driving!

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