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Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving

Steel Shelving for Heavy Duty Storage

Industrial strength shelving is great for your high weight capacity items that don’t need to be stored in cabinets for extra protection. These garage storage units can be used for anything from large tools to engine and machinery parts without the risk of the shelving bowing or collapsing from the weight of the objects. This garage storage system features a steel frame with fully adjustable steel frame shelves. One of the great advantages of adjustable shelves is they change as your storage needs change.

Our shelving comes in different heights and widths to easily accommodate your larger items. You can choose between a melamine or a ventilated surface, depending on your requirements.  All shelving features powder coating that won’t chip and can be chosen in a color that matches or compliments the existing style of your garage.

For your heavy duty objects our industrial shelving features:

  • Steel frame with adjustable steel frame shelves won’t bow or collapse
  • Perfect for your industrial items, comes in many heights and widths
  • High weight capacity melamine or ventilated shelving surface
  • Powder coating that won’t chip with many color options
  • Most installations are completed in one day


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