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Safety In Your Garage

By: Carlos Lopez on Nov 10, 2014 in Custom Garage, How to, Safety

Safety In Your Garage

For most people out there, the garage is the answer to diminishing their overstocked needs from inside the house. Piles, upon piles can begin to build and soon enough, the available space begins to shrink. Adding to the reduction of this valuable space is the fact that your garage becomes dangerous when you turn your garage into an unorganized storage solution. Two of the leading causes for fatal and non-fatal injuries in the home (as per a CDC report) are from accidental falls and unintentional poisonings. In fact, nearly 6,000 people die from accidental falls and another 5,000 from poisonings every year.

Prevention is easier than you think especially when you get help from Motor Trend Garage. 

The first step to prevention is organization, of course. Collect everything you have laying around the garage floor and start grouping them into containers that have corresponding items in them. Store them in shelves and cabinets within the garage to prevent any accidental trips.

Also, look for things that are standing up, unstable and ready to fall; things like ladders, skis, tennis racquets and fold-up chairs. If items like these were to fall in the garage it could create a hazard and/or damage any equipment or cars you may have stored in your garage. Items like these could be stored in bigger storage containers or overhead racks to prevent that from happening. Having overhead racks also allows you to clear up more space from the floors or your overstocked shelves.  Most importantly, always scan for liquids that are at risk of spilling over or leaking.  Most falls occur due to slippery floors, but if you keep an eye out for such spills, you will remain safe. Disorganized and Unsafe Garage Motor Trend  Garage

Accidental poisonings are one of the easiest things to prevent. The thing about poison is that it can come in the form of a liquid you use frequently. For example, laundry detergent, gasoline, and cleaning supplies are all poisonous if swallowed. Children and pets are most at risk in this area, but prevention is easy.

Clearly label your products and store them in hard-to-reach areas only you know of. For flammable and extremely toxic chemicals, I recommend you  store them in a lockable metal cabinet to keep safe, and prevent erosion. Also, never store poisonous items in containers that are meant for food or they could mislead a child.  You should also be aware of which chemicals create a toxic gas that is dangerous to inhale while you are in the garage. Make sure those chemicals are completely sealed.       

Another action you can take to prevent accidental falls is to ensure your garage is well lit. That way, should you see an obstruction in the way, you’ll be able to avoid it, and the eventual fall. Having a well-lit garage also ensures that you don’t misread a label and confuse a dangerous chemical for something else.

Motor Trend Garage can help and guide you to ensure that your custom garage is built in the most efficient manner while keeping you and your family safe. Safety is important and you should always keep it in mind.  

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