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Keeping Your Garage Cool During The Summer

By: Don Lee on Jul 06, 2016 in Tips

Keeping Your Garage Cool During The Summer

Going inside of your garage in the summer can sometimes feel like entering a sizzling sauna, an indoor desert, or some odd combination of both. 

Realistically, you can’t make a garage cooler than the outside air without some sort of air conditioning. For those without such an option, you can only reduce the effect of the heat. 

Although your garage won’t necessarily become the inside of an igloo, it can be bearable place to spend time in and get things done. With a little bit of science and some creative planning, your garage can feel that much cooler.

Insulate and keep the heat out


First off, many areas of your garage need to be insulated. Insulation reduces the amount of heat transfer from the sun-baked exterior. To put it simply, the summer heat being absorbed from the outside does not get transferred inside. Insulation would absorb most of, if not, all of the heat. A great way to insulate a garage is by installing some sort of non-heat conducting wallboard all around the garage walls. What’s great about wallboards is that they also keep your garage warm during the winter, but that’s another story.

Declutter for better ventilation


Another way is to keep your garage organized, if it isn’t already. Large amounts of clutter such as boxes and equipment actually prevent proper airflow in your garage, making it seem incredibly stuffy and even smelly. A great way to tackle this clutter is with large cabinets, drawers, and wall organizers such as slatwalls. The goal is to get as much empty space as possible for maximum airflow. Ventilation is your friend here.

Clean out your air


Lastly, a small air purifier can aid you in your quest for a cooler garage. An air purifier filters out the harmful and irritating dust particles in the air and makes it feel a lot “cleaner.” By making the air cleaner, you’re simultaneously making it a bit cooler as well since the air doesn’t feel as thick. In you’re so inclined, you can even install a large air filter on a wall or in the ceiling of your garage for a stronger effect.

What are your tips for a cooler garage? Leave your tips in the comments section below.

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