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At Home Gym

At Home Gym

Finally Your Own Workout Space

Have you always longed for the convenience of your own home gym, but never had the space inside your home. The garage is the perfect place for a home gym because it is one of the largest areas in your home. Making it perfectly accommodating for large pieces of exercise equipment and it can easily be customized to make your workout room everything you want it to be.

Add shock absorbent floor tiling to decrease noise and the pressure put on your joints by exercising. Add a large flat screen television to keep you entertained while you work out and still have room for cabinets and wall organizers to neatly store all of your garage items.

But, your decisions aren’t relegated to simply choosing a television. Many people install a charging station for their electronics with a sound system and area for free weights and mat exercises. Add a kitchenette with a counter, blender and full sized refrigerator. Then choose a wall color that conveys enthusiasm and high energy to help you through those long cardio sessions.

You don’t have to devote your entire garage to your home gym, designating zones in your garage is ideal for creating the space you want without sacrificing the storage need for your car and household items. A home gym can fit into one bay and is works great in a two or three car garage.




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