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How To Transform Your Garage Into A Fully Functional Workshop

By: Don Lee on Aug 15, 2016 in Custom Garage

How To Transform Your Garage Into A Fully Functional Workshop

All garages have the potential to be something special. Unfortunately, millions of people all across America, for whatever reason, love to use their garage as a dedicated space to store their junk, effectively leaving no room to park a car.

 With a little effort and smarter organizing, a garage can be something truly special, a place to work on projects, save money by fixing a car with ones own hands, or do repairs. Why not turn your garage into your own fully functional workshop? 


First things first, it’s impossible to do anything without clearing out belongings that you don’t need. It’s almost 95% certain that you won’t ever go back to using what you store deep inside garage boxes, so why make it harder on yourself by preserving junk? There are plenty of options at your disposal, including holding a garage sale, so get at it!

Once you actually have room to work with, you’re going to be bringing in more stuff, but unlike last time, it’ll be stuff that will make your garage look great AND be useful. You’re going to need a table of some sorts to place somewhere in the surrounding area of the garage. This will be considered your main workspace. And as with any workspace, you’ll want a nice array of tools. We recommend mounting a nice sturdy pegboard or slat wall on the wall with essential tools such as drills, rulers, tape measures, mini knives, and saws. Remember, having a clear workspace lets you operate freely and lessens the chance that you lose a nut or bolt. In addition, you’ll have a piece of mind knowing that you can start a project fresh without having to remove or clear out any previous materials.


In addition to the tools hanging on your walls, you’ll need a smooth efficient way of storing your other primary tools. The good news is there are several viable options for you to choose from: cabinets, drawers, and even high quality tool chests that can be locked. With all of these, it’s recommended that you keep tools inside from moving with drawer lining or inserts.

With all the tools and supplies you’ll be using, you’ll need plenty of electrical outlets. However, working smart is the key here. After all, you don’t want a snake pit of extension cords and surge protectors everywhere.  Make sure to fasten surge protectors on walls and, if possible, cables on the ground using electric tape. Lighting is also a crucial aspect of a good workshop with ample lighting being a necessity. We suggest LED lights as they give off low heat and illuminate a larger area than the standard bulb.


In regards to flooring, a standard garage floor isn’t the best for workshops, as they corrode and stain easier as time passes. Giving your floors a finish such as polyurethane will help make your garage floor easy to clean, provide extra grip, and give your garage a polished look.

What other things are necessities for a fully functional garage workshop?

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