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How To Make Your Old Garage Feel Brand New With A Slatwall

By: Don Lee on Jun 08, 2016 in Organization

How To Make Your Old Garage Feel Brand New With A Slatwall

Few homeowners use every square foot of their home to its full potential, especially in the garage. Several factors contribute to this problem, but it’s mainly an issue of limited resources. We just don’t have the time to invest in an area of our home that we barely use, especially as more people opt to park their vehicles in a driveway or curbside, and use their garage solely for storage.


There’s no reason to lose all hope though, as there is a way to effectively clear up and optimize space in your garage so you CAN use it every day – and that’s with a slatwall.

A slatwall is an incredibly innovate storage solution that is easy to install and has the ability to utilize your empty wall space, clearing up valuable floor real estate. This ingenious system has helped countless homeowners rejuvenate their old garages. Here’s how you can do the same.

Attach Long Horizontal Shelves


In order to prevent your garage from becoming the next city dump, take a look at the amount of wall space you have and use a statwall to install long shelves. This adds additional square footage to your garage (always a nice selling point for homebuyers), and makes it possible for you to store equipment such as gardening tools and sports gear in an organized fashion. They are also fully customizable, allowing you to adjust the length and height of the shelves as your needs change. 

Take advantage of its strength


Another great aspect of slatwalls is that they’re incredibly sturdy. Storing heavier items in cardboard boxes on the garage floor usually results in unexpected damage, while slatwalls help preserve them for years to come. From bicycles and kayaks, to boxes of old clothes, imagine what your slatwall could hold…

Use the free space


Some garages are no better than dungeons with leaning towers of boxes and hazards everywhere you look, but with a slatwall system, you’ll create a long-term system of organization and make your garage feel brand new.

So what can you do with all of that additional space?

You could create that man cave you’ve been dreaming of, park your vehicle (finally!), or transform the garage into a warm extension of your home. 

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