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How to Clean Your New Custom Garage Cabinets

By: Ender Waters on Feb 03, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Maintenance, Our Experts

How to Clean Your New Custom Garage Cabinets


It’s been a few months since you finally bit the bullet and called Motor Trend Garage to get them to install a new custom garage, and you couldn’t be happier. But, as gorgeous as those custom cabinets are, you forgot to get the self-cleaning finish (note: this doesn’t actually exist, well, not yet), and between the kids, the pets, and the rainstorm last week, they’re looking a little worse for wear. So, you roll up your sleeves, grab some paper towels, and get ready to clean those bad boys. But wait – what kind of products should you be using? Will that paper towel leave behind lint? Better check our handy guide to Motor Trend Garage cleaning first.

Your first step is to give your custom garage cabinets a good dusting. Use a disposable dusting cloth, feather duster, or lightly dampened washcloth to get rid of any loose particles of dust and dirt. Getting rid of these will reduce the amount of streaking later on when you start attacking the hardcore dirt and grime. Take a step back and look at your cabinets. Maybe all they needed was a good dust. If so, congratulations! You’re done. But, if you still see mud and dirt all over them, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

If it’s mostly dirt that you still see from muddy hands and paws, you can just get some unscented hand-soap, put it in a spray bottle and fill with water for an easy home-made solution. If there’s grease and grime, you’ll need something a bit harsher, like a commercial degreaser and cleaner, which you can find in any supermarket. Whichever you choose, give those beautiful custom cabinets a good, thorough spray down, and then attack that dirt with a sponge or a washcloth. A sponge will quickly eliminate any light dirt, but it isn’t as good for scrubbing as an old-fashioned terry cloth. Paper towels are also an option for the light dirt, but aren’t as environmentally friendly or durable as the sponge. And, if you have large cabinets you will probably need a lot of them to wipe down the whole affair.

Once you’ve scrubbed all the dirt off, take another spray bottle, fill it with water, and spray down your cabinets again. Then get a clean, dry rag or sponge and start wiping off the residue from whatever cleaning product you used. You may need to go over the cabinets a few times in order to get it all, but make sure you do or the cleaning product will leave unsightly streaks down your beautiful garage cabinets.

Finally, grab a dry cloth or paper towel and wipe the cabinets down again, soaking up all the water and leaving a dry, smooth surface behind. You’re all done! For more great garage cleaning tips like this one, subscribe to the Motor Trend Garage blog.

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