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How to Bug Proof Your Garage

By: Ender Waters on Feb 05, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring

How to Bug Proof Your Garage


You don’t stand for insects in your house. Why would you? They should stay outside where they belong. Exterminations twice a year, ant-traps, a fly swatter and can of bug-spray always close at hand. But, your garage is a different story completely. Spiders, cockroaches, ants, and moths . . . it seems an unlimited number of creepy-crawlies are making your garage their home. Normally, one might simply accept this as the way things work. Better in the garage than in your home, right?

But, if you think about it, the garage is really just like another room in your house. Why let insects in there and not in your house? Here at Motor Trend Garage, we think your garage AND house should be spider and insect-free, so we put together this handy guide to making sure they stay in your backyard where they belong.



This spider is cute, but you don’t want him in your garage.

The first step in bug-proofing your garage is looking for the ways they might get in. Windows and doors that aren’t sealed properly are prime suspects. Windows, especially ones that don’t open, are easily sealed with a liberal application of caulk. Doors may be a bit trickier to seal properly, but a number of products are available to help do the job, including foam sealant, vinyl siding, and draft guards.

Another spot you might not think to check is the roof. If the roof was carelessly constructed or is very old it might have gaps between the wall and roofing material. Again, caulk will work for small gaps. Larger ones may require a patch that, if you aren’t the best with a hammer and nails, is probably best left to a contractor.

The most often-missed source of bug entry, though, is garage flooring. Many concrete garage floors are cracked and have plenty of tiny holes that a creepy-crawly can easily crawl through. In order to fix this, you can get a custom polyaspartic polyurea garage floor, which will fill up all those cracks and crevices with just a one-day installation.


Cartoon Bug

Most hiding bugs aren’t this adorable.

No matter how securely you seal up your garage, some bugs will still find a way in, whether in the potting soil you have for your plants, the dirt on your boots, or the boxes coming in from Grandma Susie’s attic. Once they’re in, though, you don’t want to let them get into your stuff. So get rid of those cheap open aluminum shelves you’ve been storing all your boxes on and get some real custom garage cabinets, which will put a door between the insects and your storage. Store your stuff in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes and it’ll be even more difficult for them to crawl into a dark crevice where they can leap out and scare you without warning. Bugs hate cedar, so consider using cedar backing for your garage cabinets. Just give it a sand once a year and voila! A natural, fragrant insect repellent.

Another place insects love to hide in a garage is at the bottom of whatever cardboard box you store your garden tools in. Get rid of the box. Make sure the bugs have nowhere to hide by installing a slatwall or three in your garage and hanging those garden implements on it, leaving any insects clinging to your tools exposed for everyone to see and dispose of.

If you want your garage to be just as bug-free as the rest of your house, give one of our Motor Trend Garage designers a call toll-free at (800) 474-1595 and schedule a no obligation appointment to see how we can help you get rid of your bug problem!

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