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How A Messy Garage Ruined My Car

By: Don Lee on Dec 24, 2015 in Cars, Custom Garage, Maintenance, Organization, Uncategorized

How A Messy Garage Ruined My Car

Back in high school, my father entrusted a black BMW 5 Series to me while he insisted on driving our white Toyota Camry (which I still haven’t understood why to this day). Being a 16-year-old Korean teenager born into a Asian family who followed the strict education principles of Confucianism, I had many after-school “cram schools” and obligations, which means I drove that 5 Series a LOT.



However, it didn’t come without its fair share of problems. Actually fair is the wrong way to describe what I went through in that car. It was more like immense.


  1. 1. Black Nissan Pathfinder backing into the front of my car when I was parked
  2. 2. Glove compartment material started to corrode which made a subtle difference in the color scheme
  3. 3. Engine decided to malfunction on the I-5 North
  4. 4. Two flat tires; front left and back right
  5. 5. Cracked windshield from a flying rock
  6. 6. Shattered side window while in San Francisco (Apparently they really wanted my GPS)

I wish I was making up all of those aforementioned problems. Despite this cruel reality, I loved that car to death and continued to drive it through all of these unfortunate obstacles (also because I had no other choice as a 16-year-old teenager). Moreover, seeing as how at the time my car was the more expensive of the two, my car was to be kept in the garage, while my father parked his Camry on the side of the street.

Normally, one should be excited or, at the very least, positive about being able to use the garage. After all, a car is widely considered to be a man’s most prized possession. Being able to shield it from the dangers of the outside world should be a privilege that is not to be taken lightly. Even so, no one knew the severity of how badly organized our garage really was.



Okay, so it wasn’t really like this but close enough. 

That day, there was a fairly large earthquake in our area. Not to mention that my parents loved stacking boxes, furniture, and gifts from our relatives in Korea to the point where our garage can be considered an urban city (terrible garage organizing). Little did I know that what I feared would happen actually did happen. All those skyscrapers came tumbling down on my car, just completely decimating the thing. To make matters worse, rats decided to lay the final nail in the coffin by chewing up most of the engine cables, rendering the car completely useless.

So remember everyone, keep your motor garages nice, clean, and organized, and you can avoid instances like these. 

For more information on how to stay organized, check out our YouTube channel as well as our blog!

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