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How A Garage Can Put Things Into Perspective

By: Don Lee on Dec 29, 2015 in Custom Garage, Tips, Uncategorized

How A Garage Can Put Things Into Perspective

To most people, a garage is simply a place to store a car or old belongings. For some, however, entering a garage can invoke vivid memories. These images can be rekindled by stimuli such as a photo of a family member, an old dusty baseball bat in the corner, or a set of power tools. Such memories can be as simple as hitting a home run in the backyard at the age of seven or as deep and beautiful as Daddy putting you on top of his car and stroking your hair all the way to the back of your scalp. One netizen who goes by the name of MakeItLookEZ shared his experiences with this idea and how looking into his garage helped him realize and appreciate the actions and accomplishments of his own father.


 “I grew up in my dad’s garage. Every time I go to the garage I see new things. a picture of me, my brothers and sister, a wedding photo of him and my mom, a random black tie event that he was invited to.”

It’s my favorite place to be. Whether I’m happy or stressed or angry or sad or whatever I’m feeling, dad’s garage always puts things into perspective.”

“It’s where he realized his American Dream, it’s where he built his family’s future, it’s where we solve the worlds problems and eat falafel and pizza like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Dad’s garage is awesome, oil stains and all.”

For MakeItLookEZ the garage is a place for him to escape the harsh realities of life or to enjoy some much needed personal time. In a larger picture, to him, his garage is the birthplace of his life at the hands of his father. And this all comes back to him thanks to the many pieces of memorabilia in his garage.

Keep your garages yours, oil stains and all.

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