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Garages As Mudrooms – The Benefits

By: Don Lee on Jan 08, 2016 in Cars, Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring, Garage Shelving, Maintenance, Organization, Tips

Garages As Mudrooms – The Benefits

There used to be a time where the mudroom was nothing but a room typically somewhere near the main door of a house. I’d go as to say it was one of the most looked-past rooms in one’s home. What’s baffling is that we use our mudrooms frequently but for small purposes such as leaving our dirty shoes and boots or hanging our keys. However, times are changing, and now mudrooms are becoming one of the primary aspects that prospective home buyers look at when considering a home. 



Most houses I’ve visited didn’t even have a mudroom, or they were a laundry room/mudroom combo which served the former more than the latter. When an actual dedicated mudroom is unavailable to a prospective home buyer, what is one to do? 


All hope is not lost, as an increasingly large number of people in the United States are catching onto the idea that there is a mudroom readily available to them, the garage! Yes sir, with a bit of cleaning, organizing, and thought, your garage can be the launch pad for you and your family to start the day. Furthermore, for some people, the garage can be an even better mudroom than a dedicated one.


On rainy days, who doesn’t want to park in a garage and unload bags and gear without getting even a tiny bit wet?”



Other than the bathroom, the garage is most likely going to be the less cleaner of your house. If you were given two choices, one of them being a typical mudroom that is part of the house and another being a garage turned into a mudroom, which one would you rather take off your wet shoes and coat on a rainy day in? Me personally, I would rather unload my things in a garage, knowing that it will realistically get dirty without much effort anyway, as opposed to a dedicated mudroom where I feel directly responsible for dirtying up a main component of my house. Plus, using your garage as a mudroom can influence you to park your car in your garage after coming home!


“There’s less need to match the style of your mudroom to your interiors.


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When designing a mudroom, there’s always that need to have the design look like the rest of your house. It’s understandable; after all it IS part of your house. However, for those who want to add a matching mudroom but are on a tight budget, the garage is your best alternative. Barring a significant garage remodeling, the distinctive look of the garage from the rest of your house will persuade you from having to stress about making it match the interior of the house.


“The whole garage is your storage!” 


Many of us utilize our garages as large storage facilities for our belongings, old or unwanted. A mudroom can store things too such as sports equipment, gardening tools, musical instruments, and books. Why not combine both into one for extra storage? Large amounts of storage becomes increasingly important for huge families with several children. As your children get older, they’ll participate in more activities which calls for more equipment storage. Not to mention your children will physically grow as well, which calls for larger shoes, coats, etc.


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