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Garage Organization: Get Your Garage Back

By: Carlos Lopez on Oct 06, 2014 in Custom Garage, How to, Organization, Our Experts, Space Saving

Garage Organization: Get Your Garage Back

Today marks the first day of National Organization Week, and one of the hardest things for any homeowner is to consistently keep their garage clean and organized. Throughout the years, your garage can turn it self into a messy storage unit filled with last year’s trends – or worse broke-down goods – and when the clutter gets overwhelming, the task of finding functional garage storage solutions becomes much more intimidating. But, that’s why we’re here.

Here are five simple steps to get your garage back.

1 – Grab a pen and notebook: Make a list of all the things in the garage and note what you use often or will definitely need in the future.

2 – Make groups: Looking through the list, make another section for things that should be grouped together. For example, if you have a set of gardening gloves, group them together with the soil bags in your garage. The same would apply for things like a gasoline tank and a set of wrenches.

3 – Say goodbye: Once you’ve made a list of everything you and your family would actually use, walk through the garage with a trash bag and start throwing away all the things that didn’t make my list. Hey, sometimes you just have to let go.  So, say goodbye to that trusty, rusty old hammer.

4 – Measure your stuff and your space: Now that the non-essentials have been removedMotor Trend Garage from your garage, refer back to the list and start putting everything else in the garage into the groups you have on your list. Set them neatly together around the garage floor, and make sure you leave yourself enough room to move around. You’ve just completed one of the most-widely used and effective garage organization systems, and you can start planning where you are going to put the groups. Take a look around. Measure how much space you have, and take the time to measure everything inside of your groups.

5 – Maximize your space: now that you have an approximate measurement of how much space each group would occupy, it’s time to get organized. Make it fun – think of it as a puzzle where the goal is to maximize your garage storage space by fitting the right things in the right spaces. 

There you have it.

Don’t forget – it can be hard to get any garage organization project started, but once you get going and finish, you’ll reap the rewards of a clean, efficient and organized garage.

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