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Garage Organization: Even the Pros Do it

By: Carlos Lopez on Nov 03, 2014 in Autos, Custom Garage, Organization

Garage Organization: Even the Pros Do it

For the past few weeks, organization is the key point I have been trying to push on you in an effort help you to maximize the efficiency of your garage. I am not trying to push this subject because organization beautifies the look of your garage. Instead, I firmly believe an organized garage will make your life easier. 

Knowing exactly where your tools are located allows you to start and complete any project you need to work on whether it’s in your garage or in your home. You can save time (in the sense that you’ll find everything you need every time you need it) and money because you know where everything is and purchasing tools and materials you can’t find is a non-issue with a clean and organized garage.

Finding something you need quickly can also ensure you that you will win the race. I spent the weekend attending the final round of the Formula Drift season in Irwindale, California, and as you probably know, a breakdown is bound to happen. After all, in the racing world, it’s not if, but when the car is going to breakdown. It got me to thinking; how the heck do they fix those cars so fast?

A race team has to be ready to take action and get the car back on the track quickly. Could Garage Cabinets Motor Trend Garageyou imagine if the team’s tools and parts weren’t organized and stored correctly? Could they really get the car back on the track in time before being disqualified? The answer is no, because without organization, time can run out quickly. 

As I walked around the Formula Drift paddock, I kept a keen eye on how all the teams prepped and stayed ready should a disaster happen. A few teams had installed cabinets inside of their trailers where their nuts and tools were located and organized. Others carried mobile toolboxes that not only stored their tools and parts, but also carried the tires they would need to switch on and off when the time came. 

It’s widely known that organization is something that has to be considered in any aspect of life; whether it be work, home, or on the racetrack. An organized space allows you to concentrate on the important things. It keeps you focused, clean, and most importantly, it keeps your life efficient. And, if your life is efficient, you’re in a great position to win the race.

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