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Attractive One Day Flooring Systems

Our Polyaspartic flooring system is designed to give your garage floor the attractive appearance of epoxy coating with the decided advantages that come with a Polyaspartic flooring application. 

A Polyaspartic flooring system can add the finishing touch to your garage and give it a sleek look with a high gloss finish. Paint chips or sand are added for another styling faucet and to help ensure the flooring remains slip resistant. It surface is scratch resistant and won’t fade from UV rays. Polyaspartic coating is used in many industrial applications because of its flexibility and resistant properties, which helps ensure your garage flooring remains in great condition for years to come. 

One of the many advantages of using a Polyaspartic coating application is a two-part component that cures in less than 5 seconds. Unlike epoxy coating it can be applied in extreme temperatures from -30F to 140F so you don’t have to wait for the right season to apply it. Another advantage of over epoxy is the wait time for drying, a typical 3-coat application can be applied in one day and the garage is ready for use the next day. Unlike epoxy systems that require waiting periods between 3-4 days. 

Polyaspartic flooring is durable, attractive, enhances every design and will last for years:

  • • Fast curing time, garage is back in use the next day
  • • Fade and scratch resistant, with a high gloss finish
  • • Flexibility for high impact resistance
  • • Can be applied in extreme temperatures from-30F to 140F

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