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Create a Showroom In Your Garage

Our premium metal flooring tiles are an interlocking system that utilized commercial grade diamond plated aluminum. It is designed to turn your garage floor into the ultimate showroom. The wide choice of colors allows you to create an attention grabbing design to highlight your vehicle collection and give your garage the feel of a high-end industrial space.

Our premium metal garage tiles are perfect for turning your garage into a showplace. Due to their design process, they can also handle the heavy wear and tear of commercial and industrial environments. The design features the same industrial grade aluminum used by NASCAR and large commercial trucking companies. 

Due to an industrial grade lamination process, our tiles won’t scratch, scuff or dent and are also ideal for commercial mechanic shops, retail environments, tradeshows and trailer storage. Tiles are also anti-skid are designed to a handle very high weight capacity. 

You can choose from 6 different colors and mix and match them to create your own stunning design. If you want to create a truly industrial space, four of the six colors are anodized to give them even greater commercial strength. Tiles are also available in a beautiful stainless steel.

Create your ultimate industrial showroom look with our premium metal tiles. 

  • Premium commercial grade aluminum 
  • Won’t dent, scuff or scratch 
  • Anti-skid and can handle extreme weight capacity
  • Laminated through an industrial paten pending process
  • Mix and match six colors for a showroom design
  • Four anodized colors for greater commercial strength 



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