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Specialist Series is Stylish and Functional

Our Specialist series goes beyond being simply functional and reaches a new style dimension with its high-end elements.Our custom cabinets are still designed to meet your exact storage needs, but add a level of style that exceeds our previous collection, for those whose concepts for their space go beyond attractively functional storage. We’ve expanded the facets of our design and added a new level of color and material choices. Choose from a new array of hardware to showoff your new colors. For those who are planning on creating a beautiful space for work, we’ve added new durability and load capacity features.

The Specialist cabinet series features:

  • A choice of 20 different colors to complement your style
  • Shelving with front and back aluminum extrusions in three color choices
  • Extra-wide shelving up to 48 “
  • Adjustable feet on a continuous base with two color choices
  • Full length door extrusions in 3 finishes
  • Butcher block counter tops
  • Matching interiors and backing

Devise through color a garage design that amplifies the rest of your home’s interior. Expression reigns with 20 different color choices to make a design that is solely your own. For designs of multiple colors and accents, the cabinet interiors and backing match the color of your choice. Further intermingle the components of your design with a choice of butcher block or stainless steel countertops and create your perfect arrangement.

The durability of these cabinets is still derived from the thermo-fused pine core melamine construction, with the added optional reinforcement of shelving with front and back aluminum extrusions. This creates a robust structure that allows for added load capacity and shelving that resists sagging while expending to widths of 48 “, chose from three finishes to highlight your color scheme. The cabinets are finished with a continuous base with adjustable feet to equally distribute weight and stabilize the structure.

If you don’t see a color or styling element you like, pull your favorite features from our other two lines and create your perfect hybrid look.

Key Features


20 Color Choices

The biggest way to make an impact in the garage is to select one or two of the 20 choices of color of the cabinets.


Reinforced Shelving

The shelves in each cabinet are reinforced with the addition of metal extrusions on the front and back edges.


Matching Interiors

The interior of the cabinets match the doors for a consistent and upgraded look.


Selection of Feet

Our durable cabinet feet support your cabinets, but the different choices give you different looks.


Durable Counter Tops

Select one of our many material choices. No matter which one you select, we guarantee you will get what you need.


Extra Wide Cabinets

Due to extra reinforcement, any cabinets can be made up to 48” wide for larger items while still maintaining a high load capacity.


Door Extrusions

Extruded handles that run the length of each door not only adds a different edge, but also keeps doors straight.


Decorative Doors

If you want your garage to look less like a garage and more like built ins, upgrade the doors to one of our style choices.

Color Options

Melamine Selection

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