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Performance Series Will Transform Your Garage

Our Performance series takes luxury to the next level, it’s the choice of those who want to indulge in their space and transform it far beyond an attractive practical garage concept. Performance provides all of the garage storage of our other lines, but here opulence is essential. This is ideal for those planning on using their garage for extended periods as an entertainment space, a much-thought-out man cave or to showcase a prized car collection.

Performance Cabinet Series Features:

  • Material choices including 9 metal wraps, high gloss finishes and 20 colors
  • Soft-close hinges for drawers and doors for smooth and quite closing
  • Extruded handles extend run length of doors and drawers in 3 finishes
  • Continuous cabinet base with stainless steel feet for stability
  • Expanded Shelving widths up to 48”
  • Choice of Stainless steel or butcher block counter tops
  • Bi-pass sliding doors for extended cabinet lengths for easy access

Add a touch of industrial sophistication and texture with our new choices of metal finishes. Choose from 9 different metal enhancements to wrap your cabinets, then interfuse your design with high gloss and colored accents. Our garage cabinets feature soft close hinges and drawers, so the sound of slamming doesn’t disturb the environment of your new and luxuriant space. Here the extruded handles run the full length of the doors and drawers in a choice of finishes. While drawer liners provide cushion and protection for your items. Summarize your design with a choice of butcher block or stainless steel counter tops to provide just the emphasize of style and create the ambiance you want.

As a mild concession to practicality, this line comes with an expanded shelving width up to 48” secured by aluminum extrusions and a continuous cabinet base with attractive stainless steel feet for structural stability. Add optional bi-pass sliding doors for extended cabinet length for ease of access to large boxes and bins.

Key Features


High Gloss & Metal

Give your garage that extra “pop” that will impress even the fastest race car driver.


Soft-Close Drawers

One of the most popular additions to drawers to denote high-end cabinets are soft-close drawer slides which are included.


Soft-Close Doors

The lack of sound as cabinet doors are shut will signify there is more to your garage than meets the eye.


Incredible Hardware

It is amazing how the choice of handles and knobs will change the personality of any cabinet. You will be sure to find a style you love from our selection.


Accents and Textures

Adding metal mesh, resin or other accents in a garage will make your cabinets stand out to anything but ordinary.


20 Melamine Colors

With our wide selection of Melamine, you are sure to find one that you will love.


Decorative Counters

With your choice of stainless steel, butcher block or laminates, the hundreds of options allow you to pick the perfect one.


Solid Wood Fronts

Wood doors and drawers make your garage an extension of your home to create another living space or bonus room.

Color Options


NuMetal Finishes

High Gloss Laminate

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