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Enthusiast Series is Durable And Affordable

Our Enthusiast cabinet line offers you complete customization at our most affordable price. Like are custom design cabinets, our layout plans are never prefabricated, they are fitted to you and your space. Therefore, we never charge for a design consultation and installation is included in the price of the cabinets.

All of the following features are standard with this series:

  • ¾” Pine Core thermo-fused melamine in a white stain resistant finish
  • Pull design elements from our other two series to create your own hybrid look
  • White or Almond melamine cabinet box with your choice of 7 door colors
  • Modern style arch handles in chrome, black and brass
  • Continuous base with adjustable feet for extra load capacity.
  • Concealed and self-closing European hinges
  • Full-extension drawers for easy access to items in the back
  • 1 1/4 “ thick durable laminate counter tops in hundreds of colors

The durability and beauty of our garage storage systems is derived from the high quality construction material used, a thermo-fused pine core melamine. The framework and shelving is then finished in a matte white to add a bright, clean appearance and increase stain resistance. Yet, if you want to add greater visual interest you are not relegated to white, the cabinet doors and the drawer fronts can be changed to a different color. The laminate counter top is available in a diverse range of choices to further personalize your space.

Although our most price friendly cabinets, this line is brimming with the same features you get with our other lines. Backing is standard along with concealed and self-closing European hinges and modern arch handle in three finishes. The continuous cabinet base has adjustable feet for maximum load capacity, while full extension drawers allow for easy access to items in the back.

If you don’t see exactly what you want in our Enthusiast series pull any design facet from our other two lines and create your very own hybrid look. 

Key Features


Select Door Color

Enhance the white interior cabinets with one of 7 colors for doors and drawer fronts.


Cabinet Foundation

Our cabinets are built with a strong base and adjustable feet for extra load capacity.


Dowel Construction

We construct our cabinets with dowels to create strong structures that will last a lifetime.


Hundreds of Colors

There are hundreds of colors of laminates so your countertop can enhance your style.


Drawers Extend 100%

Drawers extend fully to allow you to see the entire contents in any drawer.


Modern Handles

The selection of handles may seem endless until you choose the one that you really like.


Last a Lifetime

Even with fluctuating temperatures, the best cabinets are made from wood and metal parts so they maintain their integrity for a lifetime.


Adjustable Shelving

Shelves can be adjusted inside all cabinets to accommodate anything you want to store inside them.

Color Options

Door and Drawer Front Options

Cabinet Box and Shelving Colors

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