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Four Ways to Class Up Your Man Cave

By: Ender Waters on Jan 05, 2015 in Custom Garage, Man Cave, Our Experts

Four Ways to Class Up Your Man Cave


You finally convinced her to give you a bit of the garage to call your own. But, you don’t want the dirty couches and sloppy coolers full of light beer that your friends have in their man caves. You’re a man of class, dammit, and you want the one space you have to reflect that. No ripped Scarface posters for you, and if you have a sports jersey it’s got to be framed in mahogany. Never fear. Here at the Closet Factory we’ve got the perfect list of classy ways to upgrade your man cave.


Man Cave Motor Trend Garage

1 – A Minibar

A man of class understands that not only does his booze need to be top quality, but where he stores it should be, as well. While a full bar is the ultimate in classy home boozing, a minibar will do the job just as well when space is limited. You want enough shelf space to hold all of your liquor (perhaps with some lucite doors to display your single-malt scotch), some counter space to mix up those martinis, and perhaps a mini-fridge to keep olives for the martinis and some Belgian Trappist Ales or a good American craft IPA. Nothing says class like a man who knows his alcohol and how to store it.


Entertainment Center Motor Trend Garage2 – An Entertainment Center

A big-screen TV isn’t nearly as impressive if it’s just sitting on the floor with your Xbox cables snaking around and your Blu-ray collection strewn across the floor. Get a gorgeous custom entertainment unit installed in black melamine or with wood facing and you’ll have the classiest entertainment center around. And, it will keep everything tidy, so when the boys come over to watch Fight Club for the fifteenth time, you can find anything without hassle.


Wood Garage Flooring Motor Trend Garage3 – Wooden Floor Tiles

A boy is happy with an old dirty scrap of carpet to put down in front of his couch. He doesn’t have to worry about cleaning it if he spills his liquor onto it, and it feels nice under his feet. However, a man knows that a wood-grain surface is the classiest flooring around, and the best way to get it in a garage is with a set of wooden floor tiles that are easy to clean, great to look at, and easily replaceable to boot. Basically, it’s class in a tile.


Books Motor Trend Garage4 – A Bookshelf

Some men think that books are only for school and sissies. Far from it, in fact, every man of class knows that the manliest men all have a well-stocked library for the rainy days when something of more substance is required than the latest Madden game. A bookshelf full of good books instantly tells anyone that enters your space that you are educated, well read, and, if it’s been finished in a gorgeous cherry-wood melamine like the one to the left, it will be an instant eye-catcher for every guy that comes into your man cave to escape the kitchen and honey-do list.


Are you ready to make your man cave as classy as you are? Sign up for a design appointment with Motor Trend Garage now and our experienced designers will help you get your space all classed up.

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