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Four Great Ways to Get Your Family in on Garage Organization

By: Vicky Choy on Dec 30, 2014 in Custom Garage, Organization, Our Experts

Four Great Ways to Get Your Family in on Garage Organization


Home improvement shows and magazine articles always make garage organization seem so easy. However, as anybody who actually attempted to clean a messy garage will tell you, those glossy pictures of smiling families with super-organized garages can be a bit of a misrepresentation.

For many families with busy lives, garage organization is the last thing on their minds, yet sometimes, it’s the first task they need to tackle in order to utilize their precious garage space for what it was intended for: storing their vehicles and household items for the family. When tackling the next family garage clean up, try these tips to ensure the united effort results in an organized garage that everyone can utilize.


Donation Box Motor Trend Garage

1 – Declutter, Declutter, Declutter: Everyone needs to go through their stuff; their boxes, their old toys and their sporting equipment. Then, they need to make the tough decisions of what to donate or throw out. Be firm with each other on what is to be kept since you are going to have to find space for it in the garage. Don’t forget to declutter for your family pets as well. Too often Rover’s old bed winds up in the garage in the off chance that he ever wants to lay on it in the future. The future is now; throw it out.

2 – Use Shelves and Cabinets: Now that you have whittled down your garage possessions to the must keeps, you need a way of storing and organizing everything. Using storage boxes is not the most effective way of keeping things since they will inevitably wind up piled up on top of one another and you will have a hard time getting to what you need when things are piled up in boxes. Instead, use garage organizers like cabinets and steel shelves to hold your things. Custom cabinets with doors are best for keeping a clean, organized look in your garage and you can get adjustable shelves that will accommodate the height of whatever you need to store.

Commercial grade steel shelving is especially useful if you are storing anything heavy. They are perfect for gardening, auto or home improvement supplies and can be moved if you need to later reorganize your garage. Consider using a professional designer from a custom garage company who can advise you on how to store what you decide to keep after you’ve decluttered. These experts will custom design a storage solution for your garage and will make sure that your belongings have a spot in the design.

3 – Don’t Forget the Ceiling: Believe it or not, people forget that the space above their heads can be used for storage as long as they have relatively high ceilings. Use overhead steel shelving to store boxes, seasonal items and other items that you don’t often need. In fact, when you have a go to place where you keep these things, you don’t need to think, “Hmm, where did I put that?” You know exactly where you put it and now you know where to go get it.

Slat Wall Motor Trend Garage

4 – Hang it:  Installing slatwalls with hooks on your garage walls can create so much more space than you ever imagined. You can hang sports gear, large tools and even bikes on a slatwall. Kids can hang their scooters and other toys, and if you install baskets and bins on the slatwall, they can be used to collect accessories and little things that kids inevitably collect. Using slatwalls to hang items that generally wind up sitting on the floor will help to almost double your floor space enabling you to keep a clean, clutter free and safe garage.


When you make the garage a functioning storage space for the whole family, everyone benefits. Check out Motor Trend Garage’s website for more garage organization ideas.

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