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Errors To Avoid In Your Garage

By: Don Lee on Jan 28, 2016 in Cars, Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring, Garage Shelving, Maintenance, Organization, Space Saving, Tips, Uncategorized

Errors To Avoid In Your Garage

Apartment residents who have been mostly forced to park in open lots and on the street marvel at the thought of being able to utilize a garage when they’re finally able to (hopefully) purchase their own home. However, from the excitement of having a garage to call their own, many make mistakes that range from small to catastrophic. How can you make mistakes when utilizing a garage you wonder? Here is how it happens:


Failure to use all available space




Technically while the point of a garage IS to store your car, home owners commit the blunder of leaving unused space. You paid for this home; every last square foot of your purchase should be put to use! For example, if you have an underlying passion for arts and crafts, turn that space into a workshop for getting your inner craft on! Furnish it by installing storage units such as tall cabinets for storing your tools, paper, paint, or any other thing you might need. Heck, turn that extra space into a small little gym to work out in for all its worth. The possibilities are endless!


Not matching the interior with the rest of the house




Normally, your garage isn’t really supposed to be the prettiest place in the world, and we understand that. However, it should, at the very least, complement your home design in some way. If your home has a relatively modern feel to it, do yourself justice and match the interior of your garage to reflect that modernity. Don’t let your garage stick out like a tumbleweed on an empty street. Okay, fine, if you absolutely can’t match the interior exactly, place colors that would look good next to each other. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.


Adjustability for future changes




Let’s face it, we don’t stay young forever, and that applies even more to our children. As they grow older, they’re going to buy more things. In addition, they’re going to need their own cars eventually, and, with you hogging up that extra space, you’re not doing them a favor. I know I know…I previously mentioned how you should utilize any empty space you might have, but you should also account for your future plans as well! A perfect way to be prepared is to use movable storage units, preferably ones with wheels. That way, when you come to the inevitable day of storing your children’s cars next to yours, you don’t have to take apart anything.


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