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Hybrid Supercars: A Thought for the Future

By: Carlos Lopez on Mar 26, 2015 in Autos, Car Review, Cars, Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Our Experts

Hybrid Supercars: A Thought for the Future


The Geneva Motor Show has come and gone, and a ton of new cars debuted at the show; the new McLaren P1 GTR, Lamborghini Aventador SV, and the monstrous Koenigsegg Regera. It was definitely the place to be for anyone interested in the automotive world. Basically, the Geneva Motor Show was the dream garage of all dream and custom garages. While I am excited about the new technology and power said technologies are allowing these new supercars to achieve, there is something else that these cars are achieving – better MPG for the supercar.    

When buying a supercar, most people think about how it would allow them to reach break-neck speeds on the road or track. But for me, I love to drive and drive long distances for long periods of time. There is something that feels so relaxing about driving on the open road, listening to your favorite tunes. I have always wanted a supercar that I could drive and enjoy everyday while not worrying about fuel millage, and the unimaginable maintenance costs.

What do I mean? It is expensive to own a supercar! Shocking, I know, but regular maintenance like oil changes can cost up $8,000 for some supercars. That’s $8,000 for an oil change! This is due to the fact that most supercars come with specialized tools that are needed do certain tasks. Then, tack on the MPG usage of supercars; we all know it’s not great, but that’s all starting to change.

Let’s start off with the McLaren P1. With the collaboration of electric motors and a gas engine, you have the availability to boost out a combined city/hwy average of 18 MPGe/17 MPG with a range of 300 miles per tank. Not too bad for a car who’s output is close to 1000hp, right?

Koenigsegg Regera

Next on the list and topping out at 1500hp, it’s hard to believe that a Koenigsegg Regera can put out great numbers in the MPG category, but it can. You can drive for 18 miles on full electric mode, yes you read that right! But don’t let that fool you. Although you only get 18 miles on full electric mode only, its still not verified how much MPG you will get when you run it on the hybrid mode.  

Then, there is the Ferrari LaFerrari a beauty of a car and Ferrari’s first attempt at a hybrid production car. However the amount of MPG the LeFerrari gives you is a laughable 14 MPG combined (city/hwy). With those numbers, is it even possible to enjoy a nice drive without worrying that you’re going to run out of gas while you’re out on the road? I dare say it isn’t.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Now we start to get into the hypercar MPG elites. When the Porsche 918 Spyder first debuted to the public, it left almost every car enthusiast in awe. It’s powerful, sleek, beautiful, and believe it or not, great in terms of MPG, well, in supercar terms, anyway. With an impressive 67 MPGe/22 MPG and 420 miles of total range; the Spyder is a supercar you can enjoy on long distance drives. 

Finally, there is the BMW i8. While it’s not exactly a supercar, it does come with a hefty price tag, though, it’s a bargain compared to the price tags for the cars listed above. Boasting 76 MPGe/28 MPG and 330 miles of range per tank, you can travel anywhere you like for longer periods of time while saving money each year on gas – approximately $1,500 per year, actually.

But, at the end of the day, if I had a mountain of money and had to pick a car to accompany my custom garage cabinets, which would it be? I love how the P1 looks and sounds, but with 420 miles of total range I have to choose the Porsche 918 Spyder as my favorite hyper/supercar, daily driver and long tripper.

You just cant beat that MPG… yet.

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