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Important Things To Consider When Designing A Garage Mudroom

By: Don Lee on Nov 14, 2016 in Custom Garage

Important Things To Consider When Designing A Garage Mudroom

When creating a mudroom, you’ll want to dive into the project with the mindset of wanting to create a seamless transition from the outside world into the home. This means clutter should be kept to a minimum and the mudroom itself should have enough storage and functionality to make unloading that much easier after a hard day. 

Designing a mudroom for the garage is a practical solution for many families, as the garage is essentially already a launch pad for the home. However, garages are already a dumping ground for extra belongings in many homes across the country, and you certainly don’t want to fall into that trend early on. In order for your garage mudroom to be both beautiful and functional, there are a few key points that you need to consider beforehand:

Is There An Easy-To-Access Storage Area For My Shoes?


Shoe storage can be a problem for many families, especially when family members lazily take off their shoes and leave them in front of the doorway. This means that when it’s time to leave the house, someone will be searching for their footwear in a sea of sneakers, boots, and flip-flops. 

When designing a mudroom, you’ll want to rectify this shoe problem by creating a dedicated shoe storage area, preferably beneath a bench where one can sit down, take off his or her shoes, and store them right away. This keeps the garage doorway clear of any clutter and makes shoes easier to find.

Do I Have Enough Vertical Space?



Although the garage is a fairly large part of your home, you’ll still want to utilize as much of the space in it as possible, and that includes the vertical space.

To do so, consider creating spacious tall cubbies along with hooks and rods for the family to hang coats, bags, and other equipment. These personal belongings are a huge contributor to the clutter in your home, and utilizing the vertical space that cubbies provide will be helpful in controlling the mess in your home.

Is There Adequate Space For Bins?


Bins are essential in a mudroom as their primary function is to serve as a dumping ground for small to medium-sized belongings. Realistically, a mudroom can’t always have dedicated sections for small things like baseballs or bicycle training wheels, but all of those items can be stored in bins, and those bins can be placed neatly into sections of your mudroom unit to provide a clean organized look.

Looking for even more ways to control the clutter in your garage? Check out our free Garage Organization And Preparation Guide! Click here.

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