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Custom Garages, Cars and Coffee

By: Carlos Lopez on Oct 03, 2014 in Custom Garage, Organization

Custom Garages, Cars and Coffee

I love to fantasize about my dream cars, and when I’m fortunate enough to run into one of those cars, it’s an exhilarating moment.  Whether it’s a new Aventador or a 918 Spyder racing down my street, the mere sight of one roaring down the road is exciting.

So last week, when a friend and I came up with blueprints for a brand new, custom garage, he wondered about storage cabinets while I envisioned what kind of car would look great in his new space.

As I thought about his new, highly organized garage, I got the overwhelming urge to see and be among a few of my dream cars.  However, the next Los Angeles Auto Show doesn’t begin until late November, and I needed my exotic-car fix right away!Coffee

That’s when I remembered an event I went to in 2011; Cars and Coffee in Irvine, California. It’s the only place I’ve ever seen my dreamiest of dream cars – a Lamborghini Reventon – out in the wild!  Only 20 Reventons were sold to the public. Of those 20, only 10 were sent to the US, so I never thought I’d ever get to hear the purr of that engine, but I did at Cars and Coffee!

As soon as I remembered my amazing experience, I started searching the internet for Cars and Coffee. I found that the event was still going strong, and that it had expanded to throughout the nation to cities like Denver, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Honolulu!  I plan on going to a few of them, and I’ll start this Saturday in Irvine.

I’d forgotten about Cars and Coffee, and for a car lover like me, that’s simply unacceptable. It’s an event not to be missed. You’ll have a great time viewing and discussing the cars you’ve always dreamed of owning, so ride on down to the next event, and grab your favorite cup of Joe. Then sit back, relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of your favorite exotic cars. Who knows, you might even get to see a Reventon. 

Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of garage could store such perfection.

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