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Custom Garage: A List of Our Client’s Top-7 Favorite Things

By: Kathryn LaBarbera on Feb 13, 2015 in Custom Garage, Garage Cabinetry, Garage Flooring, Our Experts

Custom Garage: A List of Our Client’s Top-7 Favorite Things

I recently collaborated with a dynamic husband-and-wife duo get their garage organized with Motor Trend Garage and wow, what a difference we made! Their garage has now changed from an area that was overcome with frustrating clutter to the favorite area of their home. Their custom garage has quickly become their favorite area and here are seven of their favorite favorite things about their new space: 

1 – Garage Flooring

They did not know that this was available when they decided to install garage cabinets. I showed the couple a selection of samples and we decided to throw it in, so to speak. It was done in one day, and we had to let it dry for a day. Now the floor compliments their cabinets, it’s comfortable to walk on and it looks fabulous.


2 – Storage

The wife now has a whole wall of storage. She can stores all of the couple’s holiday decorations in bins, and they will all be behind doors, so he won’t see them. The garage cabinets also fit the duo’s camping equipment, bulk items and luggage. And, there’s extra space that I am sure will be taken soon. The sliding doors make it easy to get when the car is in the garage.


3 – Laundry Area

The cabinets were built around the washer and dryer. All of the laundry soap is in one cabinet and we can fold clothes on the countertop to the left.


4 – Workbench

The man of the house now has a workbench for all of his projects. Tools are organized in one place, so everything is within an arms reach, anytime.


5 – Vacuum Cabinet

The couple hated always seeing the vacuum and carpet cleaner in the middle of the garage. Now they have their own cabinet. In fact, all of the cleaning tools – broom, mop, steam cleaner, vacuum and cleaning supplies – are all together.


6 – Dog and Cat Food Cabinet

Right outside the door from the house is a cabinet with pull out shelves for the dog and cat food. The pets get fed twice per day, so the space gets a lot of use, and the couple loves having the food hidden behind closed doors.


7 – Slatwall

There is this amazing thing called a Slatwall. We put one in four places in the couple’s garage, and it is wonderful. There are different hooks and gadgets that can be placed or moved anywhere the couple desires. And, they’re great for storing gardening tools, barbeque tools and car supplies.


Both the husband and wife agree that this was the best home improvement project they have ever undertaken. Their garage used to be a sore subject for them because things were everywhere. It got so messy so easily and they had to clean it out at least twice a year. Now they just enjoy their custom garage year round because everything has its own place.

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