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Creating a Garage Gym? Don’t Miss out on These 3 Things

By: Carlos Lopez on Feb 19, 2016 in Custom Garage, Garage Flooring, Man Cave, Sports, Uncategorized

Creating a Garage Gym? Don’t Miss out on These 3 Things

So you’ve decided to join the ranks of those with a gym in their garage. Better yet, you’ve decided to put it together yourself. But before those bulging biceps come in, here are a few things you should be aware of when building your garage gym.


Measure Your Garage Gym’s Space

Take the time to measure and account for how much free space you have in your garage. Once you know how much space you have, you can start thinking about what equipment to buy and where to place it. You don’t want your garage gym to feel so tight where you barely have any room to work out. 

Think about what kind of equipment you want to have. Will you have enough legroom for lunges or enough headroom for over-the-shoulder presses? Creating an outline of what you can actually have in your garage gym will guarantee that you will get the workout you want. 

Planning and measuring will also keep you safe from dangers that like a protrusion from a wall that could clip you when you’re going through your motions.


Don’t Be Cheap

It’s understandable that you will want to save money while setting up your garage gym, but it’s not the best idea to buy cheap gym equipment. You’ve heard the old saying “you get what you paid for,” and this couldn’t be truer regarding gym equipment.  Before purchasing any equipment, do some research and look up gym equipment brands with high ratings that are known to last. Gym equipment shouldn’t be cheap and you certainly don’t want something you plan to use often to break down after a short spat of time.


Invest On A Gym Floor, Protect Your Equipment and Knees 

Most garage floors are made of concrete, perfect for parking your car, but not so great for a garage gym. Installing rubber mats and flooring will protect your weights when you drop them down to floor – you don’t want to chip your brand new weights every time you finish a routine. Jumping up and down or running in place over a concrete floor is also harsh on the bones due to constant impact between the joints and a hard floor. Stay healthy and install good flooring to your garage gym.  


Turning your garage into a gym is a great idea and investment. Staying aware of what you can and can’t do when building a garage gym is a good way to ensure that your investment is worth it and that you will (hopefully) see those payoffs in the mirror.

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