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Considering a Car Lift for Residential Use

By: admin on Aug 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Considering a Car Lift for Residential Use

Most people have seen car lifts in auto repair shops and in public garage parking facilities. But, these once industrial parking and shop solutions are becoming a garage storage feature that is more and more common in residential use.

Car lifts come in whole host of styles: the two most common are wheel engaging and frame engaging lifts. The frame engaging lift is most commonly in the form of a two-post lift and is typically found in auto shops. The two-post lift is gaining popularity in residential use as well, primarily because it is less expensive then wheel engaging lifts and requires much less installation room. Although they are still much less common then the four-post lifts.


The frame engaging four-post lift has many advantages over the two-post lift including a higher weight capacity because of the two additional support columns. They are also much more user friendly because they utilized a simple drive on and park method.

These lifts are one of the most popular choices for residential use because they allow two vehicles to occupy only one space, saving room in the garage. Most four-post lifts don’t require a floor anchor, allowing for much easier installation.  On the flip side most four-post lifts are more expensive then their two-post lift counterparts. 

Featured in the collection shown is a green 1958 Porsche 356A Sunroof Coupe restored by John Willhoit. It features one of his 1925cc, twin plug motors with over 140 hp – stock is 60 hp. The iconic “A” body style has a slick, mirror like paint with an oatmeal carpet and tan vinyl interior. An absolutely awesome hot rod and “a blast to drive” says owner John LaBarbera.

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