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Garages Are Changing And You Can Do Something About It

By: Editor on May 26, 2016 in Garage Cabinetry

Garages Are Changing And You Can Do Something About It

Before, it was a given fact that homeowners would use their garages only for parking a car and storing a few power tools here and there.

However, times have changed, and the common image of a garage now is one where all the space is filled with boxes, furniture, old clothes, sports equipment, and Christmas decorations. In fact, it’s become so bad in some cases that homeowners often have to wade through an endless maze of stuff to grab what they need. Oh, and their cars are now parked outside.

This change could be attributed to the reality that homeowners and their families simply have more things than previous generations. As time goes on, keepsakes from the past become sentimental items that naturally pile up. Technological advances keep bringing more devices that get outdated sooner rather than later. It’s all a matter of homeowners not wanting to get rid of their things.

A garage shouldn’t be just another 250 square feet of extra storage space. Believe it or not, you can combat this shift in garage usage and STILL keep all of your things. 


Storage Solutions Are The Answer


Photo: Debbie Mauro

Storage solutions such as cabinetry and shelving are designed to help you maximize usable space and open up new possibilities for your garage. They help give your garage a form and allow it to perform numerous functions. 

Take slatwall organizers for example. They enable you to take advantage of empty wall space to hang bulky tools like shovels and rakes, which clears up space for you to, say, create a home gym. 


Another example is a custom-built cabinet system that stores all of those aforementioned sentimental items but clears up space for you to park your car. One thing people don’t give second thought to is the fact that when you stack boxes on top of each other, they eventually topple over! Besides, how are you going to reach what’s in the bottom box without dealing with everything on top? Imagine trying to find a simple item like a bike pump. The thought of such heavy things falling on you and causing serious injury should be reason enough not to go down this path.

If you’re adamant about keeping your car outside, then that’s fine. Storage solutions free up so much space that it’ll probably inspire you to do something else with it. Whether it’s a craft room, entertainment room, or a man cave, you can add more value to your home and be productive at the same time by not giving into the trend of using your garage as a throwaway carousal. 

 ChangingGarages3 Don’t give in. Do something about it.


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