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Why your Garage Storage No Longer Meets the Mark

By: admin on Apr 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Why your Garage Storage No Longer Meets the Mark

The Story Behind Motor Trend® Garage

Motor Trend Garage by Closet Factory formed as a collaboration between two well-known brands to address a growing market need for quality custom garages.

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cf logo low res Closet Factory was built over 30 years ago on the back of closet organization. They were one of the first closet companies in the business and the innovators of whole home organization.

Through the years it was commonplace to see the garage neglected and treated as an area separate from the rest of the home. While Closet Factory has always done garages, from a cabinetry standpoint it was becoming apparent that a more comprehensive approach was needed. After all, a home can’t be fully organized until the garage is included.

As homeowners and car lovers, Closet Factory co-founders Greg and John became more and more in tune with this growing problem. Creating an exceptional product line that would address the lack of attention paid to the garage and give the customer a unique and personalized solution became a primary objective for their business. Doing this through a partnership with Motor Trend was at the top of their list of wants when it came to creating the ultimate in garage renovation.

mtlogolowres Trend Magazine, published by Source Interlink Media, is the world’s automotive authority and reaches over 15 million consumers each month. Motor Trend provides the auto industry’s most coveted awards as well as consumer buying guides based on the magazine’s extensive automobile testing and reviews.

 The partnership began out of a mutual love of the automotive world. The Closet Factory founders’ full immersion into the mystique that surrounds the auto industry, left them with their finger on the pulse of emerging trends in the market and they knew customized garages were about to go mainstream. Motor Trend saw the customized garage market as an opportunity to increase its peerless quality rankings and offer the consumer the buoy of a trusted brand name in the fluctuating customized garage market. Together both brands offer an unparalleled selection of products that far exceeds the quotidian offerings of the competitors.

From this partnership Motor Trend Garage by Closet Factory was born. A one of a kind complete one-stop shop for garages.

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Why is the garage such a mess?

The early garage was a traditional workspace that slowly evolved from storing the car in the barn and quickly converting the carriage house to becoming a room that was integrated into the design of the home. Although technology and blueprints have evolved over time, the garage’s traditional function as a work and storage area has not. Leaving the space in most homes as a cluttered catchall for the household.


Change the Way you Look at your Garage

Nearly every homeowner wants an organized and functional garage, with 1 in 2 homeowners reporting wanting a garage their neighbors will envy. In other words, homeowners want a garage that works for their needs and a space they can be proud of.

However, there are several reasons most people fail regardless of their best efforts.

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One of the most common is, despite storage space being consistently listed by homebuyers as one of the most important aspects of a new home, most people still think of the garage as a storage shed for household overflow. Leading to the storage problem regenerating itself.

If you were to take a look at your garage now, how would it make you feel, proud, indifferent, overwhelmed? What features would you change? Would you add more storage, get your items off the floor and safely and conveniently stored on the wall or in cabinets? Do you feel your garage is worth bragging about?

The typical homeowner wants a stylish, organized and functional garage, but is so overwhelmed by the task that he doesn’t know where to start and often never does. The problem is often perpetuated by the excuse that the obstacle of a car or boat is preventing the space from being organized. Often leading to a negative or indifferent attitude about the garage.

Motor Trend Garages solves this by helping to shape a better and more positive perception of the garage space. With designers who listen to the needs of the homeowner and then create a customized solution based on specific storage needs.

Whether you’re a hardcore mechanic, gardener, hobbyist, or lead guitarist your workspaces and cabinets will be created just for you. Motor Trend Garage’s cabinetry is engineered to be durable, long lasting, easy to maintain. They have an almost infinite selection of colors and finishes, ensuring that their cabinetry, no matter the style, will look great.

Motor Trend Garage has everything you need to create a complete look. They will work with you to choose the perfect flooring, wall colors, storage racks, organizers and accessories to complement the car you love, theme, or overall décor of your home. 

Because Motor Trend Garage covers all aspects of the garage renovation the designer also works as the project manager and coordinates every aspect of the redo, no need to work with multiple outside contractors. 

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Make a Change in your Garage

Motor Trend Garage can help start the process to redefine your space, with over 30 years prior experience in garage design and a partnership with one of the most trusted names among consumers.

Learn more about Motor Trend Garage’s exciting product line at and let an expert designer help organize your space with a complementary design and layout. 



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  1. Posted December 1, 2014 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

    Wow! Compared with my garage these garage spaces looks like a five stars hotel. Like a SPA center. Thanks a lot for sharing all of these pictures and information. I will definitely take some notes. Regards!

  2. Jeff Pearlman
    Posted December 1, 2014 at 4:07 pm | Permalink

    You’re welcome Alana. Don’t forget to check back for more helpful tips!

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