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An NFL Themed Man Cave

By: Carlos Lopez on Nov 06, 2014 in Man Cave, Sports

An NFL Themed Man Cave

Many of us out there are huge sports fans, rooting for our favorite teams and occasionally watching those teams live and in person. So, when you start thinking about building your man cave, it’s only natural for your favorite team to come to mind. 

Ever, since I was a kid and first became a real fan of football, I started to dream about one day being able to say that I have been to every single NFL stadium.  The way I would memorialize that dream would be to buy the home team’s current starting quarterback’s jersey, frame it, and display it in my very own man cave

Now that I have collected a few jerseys, I’ve decided that it is time to start actually building and customizing my own dream man cave. The idea is there, but how does one plan out our man cave remodeling project while still keeping the space organized, stylish, resourceful, and a visually awesome space to hang out in?

One of the first things I’m going to look at, as should anyone with dreams of a man cave, would be the overall color scheme of the room. Since I am thinking of using display frames to show off my jerseys, I am going to match the color of my room and cabinets to the frames. Keep in mind, you can also match the color scheme to the color of your car if you decide to store or park your car inside your man cave as well. I’ve decided to go with black display frames and black thermo-fused melamine for my cabinets and storage units. Since I tend to buy black or dark colored cars, this color scheme works perfectly for me.

Super Bowl Motor Trend Garage

With the help of a designer, I would discuss how much storage space I need, and plan a layout that allows me to hang more jerseys as I collect them. Cabinet drawers that are installed over the counters on walls, (also known as Uppers), is a concern because it could take away space from my jerseys and the flat screen I plan to install and hang from the wall. So, I would ask my designer if my storage needs could be met without the need of Uppers being installed. If not, how could we work around it? Tall cabinets might be the best solution for this.

The kind of floor you install in your new man cave can make or break the overall look of it, which is why flooring is next on my list. Installing carpet flooring would be nice and comfortable, but since I will be parking the car in my man cave – and plan to invite people to watch NFL games – I must consider the maintenance of the flooring; and a spill is sure to happen sooner or later. Therefore, laminate and simulated wood tile flooring would be the best fit for my man cave. Laminate and simulated wood tiles will give my man cave a soft and luxurious style that I have always wanted my own space to have. It will also make it really easy to clean after the big game.

Finally, I would decide upon the couches, seats and tables I’d want to decorate my new room with. Comfort is of utmost importance in man caves, after all, in my man cave, it should feel amazing to simply sit there.  Of course, my flat screen has to be big and loud; sports history will be delivered via that screen, so I’m going to make sure I don’t miss a thing.

That’s how I’m going to design my man cave. How will you design yours?

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