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Advantages of Interlocking Floor Tiles for Areas with High Moisture Levels

By: admin on Apr 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Advantages of Interlocking Floor Tiles for Areas with High Moisture Levels

You have reached the momentous conclusion that you want to redesign your garage. This decision possibly stems from two scenarios either you are longing to actually park your car in your garage, but are prevented by a mountain of strewn and improperly stored items.

Prompting the need for some sort of garage organization system or you currently park your car in your garage, but you want to give it a more stylish home. Either way, remember not to overlook one of the most important aspects in garage redesign, choosing proper flooring. A critical consideration is the moisture level in your garage.

If you live in a climate with high levels of snowfall in the winter or high levels of precipitation that moisture attaches to your car and can become runoff in your garage and puddle. If it becomes trapped under flooring then mildew and cracking can occur.

Certain types of flooring exacerbate this problem, any flooring that is attached with adhesives can either “lock in” moisture or with certain epoxy flooring applications, high moisture content can cause cracking. In areas prone to high moisture levels you will want to chose a garage flooring with fluid air channels that allow moisture and liquids to pass underneath.

Our PVC floor tiles are a good choice for those planning on keeping their new spaces as fully functioning garages. The tiles are engineered with gussets, which in addition to providing weight capacity support, the arch design also allows for the air and liquids to flow freely out from underneath. This prevents any moisture retention because the tiles never attached directly to your floors.

Start planning your new garage, just keep in mind your climate and choose your flooring options accordingly.

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