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Accessories & Options

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Once you have the major facets of your new garage design selected with the cabinet and style preference that best matches your needs, it’s time to pick garage your options and accessories. These are all of the small elements that augment your design plan and exemplify and express your style. These range from the practical to the fanciful and decorative and can be everything from car lifts, drawer dividers to wine racks and light fixtures. Garage organizers and accessories also help finalize your lingering storage needs. Once you have all of the elements in place then your new space will truly start to manifest.

If your garage design designates your space as a practical working area then you might want to consider adding overhead storage for your small watercraft or seasonal items to take advantage of your unused space. Tool chests, pull-out shelving and vent covers are just some of the things to consider. If your new space is more of a destination, then stylistic accessories such as moldings, stemware and hidden storage should be considers over more traditional garage accessories. 

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